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Selling your land

As an environmentally conscious company we believe we have a duty to protect the landscape and heritage of the Island, through careful, considerate and appropriate development  

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Would Grange be interested in my property?

We are interested in all types of building and regeneration opportunities, be they large or small

Please get in contact anytime to discuss your opportunity in more detail

How do you value the land?

We have a thorough understanding of local planning policy and the local housing market, built up through decades of combined experience

Using our knowledge and technical expertise, we aim to maximise the potential of all land opportunities while also being sympathetic to the character of the local area 

How long does it take to sell land?

We can act extremely quickly, if necessary

Acquiring a site can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on a vendors situation and we are happy to work to your timescales on this

Do I need a lawyer to sell land?

We would always advise you to instruct a solicitor to act on your behalf. We have a list of suggested solicitors who will be able to help the process of selling your land go smoothly

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